Overview of the Monument

The Armenian Genocide Martyrs Memorial is a monument unveiled in April, 1968 to honor the martyrs of the Armenian Genocide perpetrated by the Turkish government from 1915 through 1921, as well as to honor all victims of crimes against humanity.

Situated atop a grassy knoll in the center of Bicknell Park, the monument is located 10 miles east of downtown Los Angeles in the City of Montebello. This elegant structure stands 75 feet high and is comprised of eight cement columns which meet at the top in a shape resembling the cone-shaped steeples characteristic of Armenian churches. Its raised location makes it visible from the adjacent 60 freeway.

Since its dedication, Armenians throughout Southern California have gathered annually at the monument on April 23rd and 24th to commemorate the Armenian Genocide with presentations, speeches by political and community leaders, and religious services. It has been visited by millions, including governors, mayors and various other political and religious dignitaries.

The monument site's inherent spiritual ambiance attracts not only the Armenian community, but also the local nuns for sunrise prayers and meditation, and special services during Easter. Brides choose the attractive natural environment as a setting for their wedding photographs.

The monument serves as the first such structure outside Armenia, sited on public land and erected in memory of those who perished during the Armenian Genocide. It stands as a historical landmark and treasure for the entire Armenian community.

On this website, you will be able to take a historical look back at the raw images and videos from almost 45 years ago, showing initial construction of the monument up to its completion. You will also learn about its historical origins and design, and view pictures of all those that have visited over the years. You will also become up to date on the current events surrounding the monument and be given an opportunity to contribute to help meet its financial needs.

Most recently, the California State Assembly passed a bill directing the Department of Transportation to place informational signs on the 60 freeway directing motorists to the "Armenian Genocide Martyrs Monument." This was no small achievement and has been heralded and commended by the entire Armenian community. The current plan is to have the freeway signs installed in the next few months, prior to next year's April 24th commemoration event. A celebration event is being planned for early spring and more details will be provided in January.

In the interim, we would like to kindly request donations in any amount to help maintain and advance the monument and preserve its place within the Armenian community. Donations will be used to pay for costs associated with annual maintenance and upkeep, erecting the monument freeway signs and Armenian Genocide education awareness.

Clearly, the monument serves as a beacon for Armenians all around the world and its importance cannot be understated as we continue to remember and honor all of the martyrs of the Armenian Genocide. Accordingly, we hope you enjoy the website and learn a bit more about the past, present and future of the monument.

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