Telethon 2010 – Water is Life – Donate…

Dear friends and family:

First off may you all enjoy the day today with your loved ones, as Thanksgiving Day is a time for us to reflect and appreciate those around us. Today is an important day for Armenians all around the world, it’s the one time that regardless of political affiliation or personal beliefs we all band together to help other Armenians in need. This year Armenia Fund’s telethon is geared towards raising fund for Karabagh, the “Water is Life” campaign is extremely important to the continued existence of Karabagh in the hopes that it can continue to flourish, the goal is to provide drinking water and irrigation  to its  200 villages.

During today’s telethon I will be on air between 5-6pm PST with my dad , Michael Minasian for a segment to highlight some of our communities accomplishments, specifically the Armenian Genocide Martyrs Monument in Montebello and to celebrate Montebello and Stepanakert(capitol of Karabagh) sister city partnership. As a community we have accomplished much here in the Diaspora, helping Armenians across the globe has become a passion and today I ask you all once again to answer the calls of those who need our help.

I encourage all of you to participate what you can for this worthy cause, we are all lucky to have what we have. We should hope and want our brothers and sisters who live in harm’s way to have an opportunity to live with most basic of necessities, water. You can donate at any time or online, however if you would like to call in during the time we are on air (somewhere between 5-6pm PST) I have offered to field calls after the segment and hope to speak with many of you.

God Bless, Happy Thanksgiving and may we give more today to those that need it.

Thank you all!

Murad “Mo” Minasian

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