News Paper Articles – Press Releases – Editorials From 1968 About the Monument

In 1960′s the newspaper was king, and any event was covered and shared through articles, press releases and editorials.  Below you will find articles and editorials about the process, the tabulations, the pride, the perseverance of the founding members of the monument project.

Read how the local community welcomed the monument and what it meant for it to be the first such monument erected on public land.

To view,  click on the link and a PDF of the original article will be displayed.

Armenian Memorial Gift For Montebello
Armenians Hunted by Massacre 50 Years Ago
Armenian Memorial Slated For Site In Bicknell Park
Armenians Pay Tribute Today To Victims Of 1915 Massacre By Turks
Bicknell Approval For Memory Shaft
City Accepts Plans Of Armenian Shaft
Council Briefs
Council To Set Hearing Date On Park Memorial
Furor Over Armenian Memorial
Giant Monument to be Erected
Hearing Set On Bicknell Armenian gift

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